A Conversation About Cost

The #1 thing our patients want is a clear, honest conversation about cost.

We believe in an honest, upfront conversation about costs during our initial consultation. We strive to give you a good idea of the costs associated with your treatment and to make clear any contingency costs or treatment choices. In this office, we offer state-of-the-art treatments and procedures, though we don’t engage in or offer unproven undocumented therapies simply because they’re new or because they involve expensive equipment modalities which, while “sexy,” have limited proof of efficacy. We also don’t support “economy alternatives” to traditional, proven therapies if they are not likewise proven and efficacious. We expect to be able to treat your periodontal diseases or oral implant or esthetic periodontal needs effectively, at reasonable costs and with measurably predictable results.

We strive to provide clear explanation of the difference between required and optional treatment. We understand that patients do not typically “budget” for specialized dentistry treatments. Some, though by no means all, of our patients have dental insurance. We always work to maximize the benefits available to our patients with insurance. Nonetheless, we work for our patients, not an insurance company. We recommend treatment that is necessary to optimize your health, regardless of what your insurance company may pay for or allow.

Periodontal diseases can lead to the loss of teeth and, as a result, much of the appearance of the vitality of youth. More importantly however, are the research links established over the last few years between a number of chronic and acute systemic health problems that can critically affect an individual’s health, life expectancy, and quality of life.

It’s no longer enough to simply exercise, eat well and avoid excess in order to maintain good health and a high quality of life. It’s clear that maintenance of oral, and particularly “periodontal” health, is critical to maintaining good general health. An investment in your oral health is one that pays back over a lifetime. It pays you back at multiple levels and for years to come.

We passionately believe in the lifetime value of periodontal health and the synthesis between your periodontal and general systemic health. We pledge to always have an honest, upfront approach to discussing your treatment costs and provide optional treatments when it is appropriate.

A Conversation ABOUT COST
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