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Dental Implants

Providing Dental Implants in Independence, Missouri

Dental Implants

Dental Implants: A Comprehensive and Personalized Approach

At Newhouse Periodontics, smiles are reborn, and lives are transformed through the wonders of dental implants. As a specialized dental office, our journey is not just about replacing missing teeth; it’s about restoring confidence, preserving natural beauty, and enhancing overall quality of life.

Single Tooth Replacement: A Tailored Solution2024-02-12T16:58:09+00:00

Dental implants represent some 70 years of dental engineering and research. Dental implants can be a natural-looking and functional solution to tooth loss. Ideal for single-tooth replacement, a crown-restored dental implant can be a very aesthetic and practical choice. It can not only blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, but also preserves natural tooth and jaw structure which ultimately maintains your facial contours. 

Replacing Multiple Teeth with Precision2024-02-12T16:57:52+00:00

For those with multiple missing teeth, implant-supported bridges or multiple individually restored implants can offer a permanent, cavity-resistant solution. These options ensure full functionality without compromising neighboring teeth, effectively preserving your smile and facial structure.

Full Smile Restoration: Beyond Aesthetics2024-02-12T16:57:34+00:00

1 in 6 American adults have complete tooth loss.  For these individuals, implant-supported dentures or bridges offer a life-changing solution. These comprehensive restorations go beyond mere aesthetics. They support jaw structure and volume, enhance facial structure, and can improve overall quality of life. Patients, regardless of age, can rediscover the joy of a fully functional smile, enjoy their favorite foods, and engage in social interactions with newfound confidence.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

  • Long-Term Solution: With a success rate of over 90-95% in non-smokers, dental implants can be a reliable, long-term solution for tooth replacement.
  • Comfort and Functionality: Restored dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods and speak without worry.
  • No Daily Hassles: Unlike dentures, there’s no need for nightly removal or adhesives. Implants are as convenient as natural teeth.
  • Jawbone Health: By integrating with the bone, implants prevent the jaws from deteriorating common with tooth loss, and help maintain a youthful facial structure.


What Exactly Are Dental Implants? – A Modern Marvel

Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry when teeth are missing. Dental implants take the place of tooth roots. Essentially, they are small titanium posts that are precisely inserted into the jawbone, where they fuse to become a stable foundation for custom-designed crowns – the visible and functional part of the tooth.

A Brief History:

The concept of dental implants dates back to the ancient Mayans, who used seashells as rudimentary implants. However, in the modern era, root form-dental implants began in Sweden in the 1950s with the discovery of titanium’s unique ability to bond with bone, a process known as osseointegration. This discovery revolutionized dental care and led to the development of today’s advanced implant technology.

Understanding the Pros and Cons

While dental implants boast numerous advantages such as natural appearance, durability, and improved oral health, they do require a surgical procedure, sufficient jawbone density and mass, and consistent personal and professional maintenance. Our office is committed to guiding you through these considerations and offering financial solutions to make this transformative procedure accessible.

Comparing Tooth Replacement Options:

Dental implants are unique from other tooth replacement options like traditional bridges and dentures. Unlike dentures, which can slip and cause discomfort, implants are anchored firmly in bone, allowing for natural speech and eating. Unlike bridges, which require the deconstruction of tooth structure, implants preserve the integrity of surrounding teeth and preserve bone volume and structure.

Longevity and Oral Health:

Dental implants are considered a long-term solution for tooth replacement. They may last a lifetime with proper care, surpassing the lifespan of traditional dentures or bridges. They maintain oral health by stimulating the bone just like natural tooth roots, thereby preventing bone loss and preserving facial structure.

Long-Term Success Stories: A Testament to Reliability

Our patients, like Lyn W., who has journeyed with us for over 20 years, exemplify the long-term success and reliability of dental implants. Regardless of the initial dental challenges, the systematic restoration of smiles underscores our commitment to personalized, ongoing dental care.

Ready to Explore Your Options?

Choosing dental implants can be a significant step towards a new chapter in life. Our team expertly blends technical excellence with compassionate care, ensuring your every question is answered, and every concern addressed. From replacing a single tooth to a full set, we’re dedicated to solutions that look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

Dental implants are gateways to renewed confidence and joy. Our patients’ stories stand as testaments to the transformative power of this procedure. Let us guide you on your journey to rediscovering a complete, confident, and attractive smile, backed by FDA-approved device safety, longevity, and aesthetic beauty.

Dental implants — whether supporting individual teeth, fixed bridges, partial dentures, or full dentures — improve the ability to chew, and smile with confidence! Contact us today for an evaluation and take the first step towards your transformative smile journey.

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