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Comprehensive Examination2021-03-26T13:38:34+00:00

On your first visit to our office, we will learn about your current and past dental health, listen to your concerns, and discuss your treatment goals and overall wellness needs. Then, we will perform one of the most thorough dental examinations you’re likely to have ever experienced in order to help you learn about your dental condition and provide customized options for treatment of your specific needs. We want you to feel at ease during your visit. We’ll help you be as comfortable as possible as we provide options for treatment that work best for you while achieving your healthcare goals.

iCAT – 3D Imaging2021-01-24T13:48:03+00:00

Advanced 3D ImagingOur i-CAT Precise CBCT machine provides us three dimensional views of oral structures rather than just the traditional two dimensional views that dentists have relied upon for the last hundred years. It helps guide us through potential surgical complications, and identify structures that are abnormal and potentially matters of concern. CBCT data lets us place implants with a high level of safety and confidence, and allows us to provide surgical services with a high degree of comfort about the actual position of anatomic structures.

Digital Radiographs (X-rays)2021-01-24T13:48:30+00:00

Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography Has Revolutionized the Way Dental Care is Provided!

Digital radiography has been a part of Newhouse Periodontics for over a decade. Not only does it provide us the opportunity to save, transmit, and review radiographs without loss of quality over time, but it also allows us to expose our patients to MUCH less radiation because of the added sensitivity of the digital media.

Oral Cancer Screening / Biopsy2021-01-24T13:45:09+00:00

Everyone that seeks care at Newhouse Perio gets a complimentary oral cancer screening as part of a comprehensive periodontal examination. According to the American Dental Association, more than 42,000 Americans received an oral or throat cancer diagnosis in the last year. Often patients don’t realize there is anything to have evaluated until the cancer is advanced since such areas may not hurt. Because early detection and timely treatment can help save lives, Newhouse Perio thinks it is important to have oral cancer screening exams at each examination appointment – whether you are a new patient or one in a maintenance program.

Oral cancer screening does not hurt and are easy to do. If you are a smoker, use alcohol heavily, or have a history of lots of sun exposure, you may be at greater risk for oral cancer. Cancers can occur on the tongue, under the tongue, hard or soft palate, gums, inner surfaces of the cheeks, or the lips. If a suspicious area is observed, Dr. Newhouse may recommend a biopsy.

Digital Photography2021-03-26T13:38:07+00:00

Digital Photography – extraoral and intraoral. It lets us look forward and backwards. It shows what we start with and it lets us evaluate outcomes. It helps us convey conditions and circumstances to our patients, their insurance companies, colleagues, and students.

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