Your Comfort

Your Comfort

We realize that patients want to be completely comfortable during their treatments, which is why we focus on putting you at ease from the moment you step through our doors

Certainly, pain management with use of local anesthesia is a key.

But we also work to make you truly feel at home by maintaining our warm, welcoming environment and to reduce any anxiety by arming you with complete knowledge of the treatment procedure and timing of each step.

As part of our efforts to enhance your treatment experience, we offer our Comfort Kit:

  • Television/Music: You’ll have the freedom to make your selection through a remote control that offers you hundreds of options.
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones: Use them with your smartphone or iPod or with our television/music options to help eliminate any potentially anxiety producing noises. And of course, you’re welcome to bring your own headphones to use when accessing our television and music options.
  • Neck Pillow: It’s perfect for additional neck support whether it’s a short or a long visit (and, of course, it’s laundered and disinfected after each use).
  • Fleece Blanket: It’s soft and fluffy to make your visit truly more comfortable (and, of course, it’s laundered and disinfected after each use).
  • Water: Individual water bottles are available in the refrigerator in the reception area. Feel free to help yourself or simply ask any member of our team, especially if you’re no longer in the reception area.

And we employ latest technologies to make the procedure as smooth as possible.

We’re Here to Help You Control Any Pain and Anxiety About Seeing Us Too.

Many people get anxious about undergoing dental work or even just visiting the dentist. It can become so handicapping that it can keep someone from seeking care, which can ultimately compromise their dental and overall health. So, as part of our focus on ensuring your total comfort, we offer a complete range of options to help you relax and control any pain, including:

  • Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is a reversible anxiety-reducing form of medication that you breathe. It is not intended to put you to sleep, but relaxes you so that treatment is made easier. As a patient, you will still be able to follow directions, and protective reflexes such as coughing or gagging are protected. The effects wear off once the gas is removed so you can leave the office unescorted and immediately resume normal activities, which is why it’s the most frequently-used technique.
  • Sedation can substantially relieve any stress and anxiety that a patient may experience when undergoing dental treatment. In fact, with the use of sedation drugs, many patients feel no anxiety or discomfort during treatment and they often have little-or-no memory of the visit. And although it’s sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry, most patients remain awake, but feel drowsy. There are several different methods available, enabling varying degrees of sedation. Dr. Newhouse and Newhouse Periodontics are licensed by the State of Missouri to provide Moderate Sedation to patients that are in generally good health and who are not on medications that would interfere with the safe administration of sedation drugs. What’s more, any patient receiving any form of sedation will be fully monitored at all times by a member of our team utilizing the latest monitoring equipment. If you should need or desire sedation, we’ll discuss the type, which depends on the type of procedure and your preferences.

Then once each step of your treatment plan has been completed, we consistently follow up and make sure that you can easily reach us should you have any post-procedure questions or concerns.

Of course, if there’s anything additional we can do to enhance your overall treatment experience, please don’t hesitate to ask. It is all part of our mission to put a smile on your face!

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