Newhouse Periodontics has Helped Patients Make Huge Transformations,
Both Cosmetically and Emotionally

Carol M.

Her teeth, their health, and their appearance have always been important to Carol. So when her dentist said that she should see Dr. Newhouse because of a problem molar, she made an appointment. “He said that Dr. Newhouse was a really good dental specialist and would do a good job with whatever needed to be done,” recalled Carol. During her first appointment, Dr. Newhouse examined Carol’s teeth to not only identify the specific problem, but to make sure that she was also dentally and orally healthy. Only then, did Dr. Newhouse recommend treatment. “My molar was deemed hopeless and needed to be extracted,” recalled Carol. “Eventually, it was replaced with a dental implant.” Aside from the care taken during the initial and subsequent procedures, Carol remembered being impressed by Dr. Newhouse’s concern about she was doing throughout the procedure and the detailed instructions given when it was finished – as well as the personal phone call Dr. Newhouse made that evening to check on her. “I was happy with the services and care provided during my initial visits,” said Carol, “as well as the care given the following 28 years I’ve been a patient at Newhouse Periodontics.”

Dianne F.

While most of Diane’s roots were exposed, which made her teeth look long and made them sensitive to heat and cold, her first goal was to keep her teeth. To fix the situation, Dr. Newhouse recommended grafting tissue along the gums as well as adjusting Diane’s molar incision. “Thanks to Dr. Newhouse, I now have gums again, said Diane. “And I can chew more easily.” Diane also appreciated the special care she was given. “Everyone in the office treated me like a friend,” she said. “Dr. Newhouse put on a Royals game while she worked since I told her I was a fan.” So she would recommend the practice to anyone who would need it. Said Diane, ”you can’t do better.”

Kathy M.

When Kathy fractured a tooth, her dentist referred her to Newhouse Periodontics. Meanwhile, a good friend and her mother, both patients of Dr. Newhouse, also referred her to the practice as well. Describing her first meeting with Dr. Newhouse, Kathy said, “I felt that she cared and treated the whole person.” Kathy found Dr. Newhouse’s approach to be particularly important, because of a difficult experience forty year’s prior – the removal of her wisdom teeth – at a different practice. “She (Dr. Newhouse) told me what she was doing, how it might feel, and what would happen next,” said Kathy. “She coached me through the procedure.” As a result, Kathy felt at ease. Recalled Kathy, “Dr. Newhouse and her staff were supportive, making it a successful experience.”

Lyn W.

Lyn was initially referred by his general dentist to Newhouse Periodontics more than 20 years ago for the treatment of “gum disease.” Although his periodontal – i.e., gum – disease was controlled over time, his highly restored teeth eventually began to structurally fail. In collaboration with Lyn’s restorative dentist, Newhouse Periodontics developed a plan to systematically replace Lyn’s failing teeth with dental implants and create a new more functional bite. Today, Lyn has eleven implants and is well in his way to achieving his goals. He attributes the success of his treatments to Dr. Newhouse’s approachability and ability to explain the procedures and reasons for them. Plus, Lyn appreciates Dr. Newhouse’s ability to keep the treatments as painless as possible. Growing out of his long-term trust in Newhouse Periodontics, Lyn considers Dr. Newhouse and her staff to be like family. Says Lyn, “They care about you (and) they are friendly and always willing to help.”

Mary S.

Mary came to Newhouse Periodontics because she wanted “dentures that worked.” Her old dentures were ill fitting and hurt. By placing dental implants, letting them heal, and fabricating new dentures that attached to the implants, Mary could now eat anything she wanted, including lettuce and nuts, without pain – something she had not been able to do in years. When asked about the results of the treatment, Mary responded, “Love them – don’t know why I didn’t do it three years sooner! You shouldn’t waste the time I did. Go for it! You will be so happy with the results and the care you will receive.”

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